Bayou Wildlife Zoo

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can we drive our car through the park?

No, you will park in our parking lot.

Our Trams will take you on a 30 minute tour to see the animals.

How many buckets of food should I buy?

One per person will usually last the entire ride. 

The more food, usually means more interaction with the animals. 

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Credit or Debit. (Tap to Pay is not available)

What time is the last tram?

If you purchase a ticket before we close, you are guaranteed a tram ride. 

Our drivers give tours until the last guest is served.

Is there a fee for parking?


Can I buy tickets online?

No, tickets are purchased once you arrive.

What if I am scared of animals?

Just hide the bucket of food. The animals are looking for the food to eat.

Do you have a petting zoo?


Can I bring a picnic lunch?

Yes! We have plenty of picnic areas for guests to enjoy.

Are coolers allowed inside the park?


Should I bring a stroller or wagon?

Strollers and wagons are welcome. We have space designated to park strollers while you are riding the tram.

Do you have birthday party packages?

No, at this time we do not offer birthday packages. You are welcome to host your party in the valley.

You will purchase tickets for your guests when you arrive.